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Trends, Expectations and Realities in Residential Window Renewal

Trends, Expectations & Realities in Residential Window Renewal Written By Jeremy Nixon, P.Eng., Managing Engineer Making the decision to replace windows in your buildings and homes is a big one. It can seem daunting with all of the choices available out there, not to mention building code requirements and technical performance data (which I’ll save us all from getting into here!), but it doesn’t have to be. At their most basic, windows are essentially just thin pieces of glass and framing materials (aluminum, vinyl, wood, fibreglass are the most common) that separate our interior [...]

Spray Foam: The Not So Perfect Insulation

Spray Foam: The Not So Perfect Insulation Written By Stephen MacDougall, P.Eng. In the quest for increased thermal performance of building envelopes as required by modern Building Codes, the use of spray foam insulation has become more popular in recent years, particularly in residential buildings. Polyurethane spray foam insulation has been suggested by some in the construction industry as a silver bullet to provide a high insulation value per inch in addition to also forming a continuous air barrier and vapour retarder. The idea that the spray foam provides a built-in air and vapour ‘barrier’ [...]

Demystifying Reserve Fund Studies

Demystifying Reserve Fund Studies Written by Bruce Davidson, B.A.Sc, EIT. Even before 2001, when the current Condominium Act started to require reserve fund studies at least once every three years, the industry was grappling with how to make the best use of this financial planning tool. In broad strokes, a reserve fund study is prepared to identify reasonably foreseeable repairs or replacement of the physical assets of the corporation and create a funding plan that can accommodate the associated expenditures. This can be a sensitive topic for all parties involved in the condominium industry, be [...]

Who Can Provide Reserve Fund Studies

Who Can Provide Reserve Fund Studies? Written By Tim Beattie, P.Eng. By now, just about everyone involved with condominiums has heard of the new Condominium Act. Even those remotely involved with the industry have likely been to a seminar or read articles about how it is going to change their life when it becomes the document that governs the way  we deal with condominiums. Although much could be said regarding the tremendous effort that went into revising the previous Act, it can be summarized that the result generally codifies procedures adapted by more insightful participants in the industry, [...]

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