Brown & Beattie Ltd. has conducted thousands of building science and structural assignments since its inception in 1998.

During these assignments our Professional Engineers and Technologists have provided their expertise and opinion to building owners for the repair and maintenance of their properties.

This vast experience and our reputation in this field has resulted in us being called upon as experts to conduct investigations and provide expert opinion during legal proceedings and at trial during litigation.

This has included rent review hearings, ministry housing tribunals, municipal appeal hearings, small claims court, insurance matters and civil litigation.

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Our expert testimony has been documented as being a significant factor in the successful outcome for our clients at trial by providing the Court with honest, unbiased opinions and clear and understandable explanations of sometimes complicated technical issues.


Brown & Beattie Ltd. can provide litigation support tailored to your property and it’s needs.

Brown & Beattie Litigation Support for Property Dispute

Property Dispute

Brown & Beattie Ltd. was retained by the owner of one side of this semi-detached house to defend the other owner’s claim that roof drainage issues were causing damage to the foundation.  Our investigation determined the cause was improper original construction, lack of maintenance and rotting wood framing.  Our report was used in the litigation process and we gave expert evidence at trial that helped result in a successful outcome.

Brown & Beattie Litigation Support Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony

The original building performance audit identified insufficient roof ventilation levels at this Toronto townhome condominium. Brown and Beattie Ltd. provided second opinion regarding the roof ventilation concurring with the performance audit that ventilation levels were below minimum Building Code requirements.  Subsequently Brown & Beattie Ltd. provided expert testimony at a tribunal to this effect.