Brown & Beattie Ltd. conducts Condition Assessments of buildings and structures. Detailed condition surveys can be carried out of various building components such as parking garages, balconies, wall systems, roofing, windows and pavement or a complete review of the entire building can be conducted.

Assessments can include a wide range of tasks including visual inspections (using swing stages and other access equipment if necessary), destructive investigation, materials testing, thermographic scans, air and water leakage testing, and structural or building envelope analysis.

We will customize your Condition Assessment to suit your needs and goals. Reports will include an analysis of the findings, discussions of repair alternatives, budget cost estimates and prioritized recommendations.

Condition Assessments Image of New Window


Our team can provide detailed condition assessments of your site and it’s structures. Our assessments are a comprehensive look at the structures, and can be customized to your project & goals.

New Paving Project Image from Condition Assessments

Road Paving

After assessing the wear from usage and weather on this popularly used street, Brown & Beattie Ltd. provided a detailed analysis and project scope for repaving.

New Balcony Installation Image From Condition Assessments

Balcony Redesign

When approached to redesign this balcony, Brown & Beattie Ltd. proposed new building materials to update the look and improve durability.

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