Brown & Beattie Ltd. has been working closely with insurance adjusters and restoration contractors for over two decades to provide Professional Engineering services to the insurance industry. Our dedicated Engineers are experienced in assessing the cause and establishing the scope of repairs for a wide range of structural and building envelope damage insurance claims.

We have completed thousands of investigations for insurance purposes to determine the extent of structural damage as a result of losses such as fires, vehicle impacts, explosions, floods, construction vibration, hail, wind, and snow overloading. As part of our Independent investigation and reporting we clearly identify the proximate cause of the damage and establish a scope of work tailored to the needs of each project.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Structure Fire 5
  • Concrete Repair Technology

  • Structure Rehabilitation

  • Heritage Structure Repair

  • Roof Drainage Failure Investigation

  • Explosion Damage

  • Fire Damages

  • Wood Frame Construction Over-Loading

  • Construction Procedure Related Collapse

  • Break-and-enter Damages

  • Extreme weather damages

  • Structural Investigation & Design

  • Permit Drawing & Specifications

  • Code Compliance Review

  • Cause Analysis

  • Litigation & Appraisal Support

Brown & Beattie’s Professional Engineers are positioned to respond quickly to claims throughout Ontario and provide our expert advice including emergency calls where temporary support is required to stabilize damaged buildings and limit the extent of further damage.

We provide un-biased, clear and timely report & drawing formats that we have developed. We have found these to be particularly suitable to the insurance industry. These include identifying pre-existing conditions and Building Code implications that need to be known during the claim or repair process.

In addition to reports, we can also provide detailed structural repair drawings to facilitate contractor budgeting as well as Building Permit application. Our structural repair drawings are prepared with contractor budgeting and Building Permit application in mind, based on our years of experience dealing with Building Departments throughout Ontario. Each drawing package is prepared based on the scope of the project, whether it involves localized repairs or demolition and complete replacement.

Brown & Beattie also provides Engineering General Review services and reporting where required to review the structural repair or the demolition of buildings ranging from single family homes up to large industrial buildings. We also have the necessary experience to provide appraisal and litigation support during legal disputes, with experience providing evidence at trial.

Building Code reviews are also routinely completed as part of our design when repairing damaged buildings, including the requirements of Part 11 of the Ontario Building Code which deals specifically with the repair and renovation of existing buildings. Brown & Beattie is also experienced in completing Code compliance reviews of existing structures including walkways, stairs, and ramps as part of personal injury claims.

Independent adjusters and large insurance companies alike have come to rely Brown & Beattie year after year to provide Engineering support and the honest facts and technical information to ultimately help resolve claims quickly and effectively.


Professional Engineers experienced in dependable service to the insurance industry.

Forensic Engineering Image Two Storey House Collapse

Structure Fire

We responded quickly to this large Sudbury fire in order to assist with Town required documentation for Immediate Demolition and Salvage Plans and mitigate further losses to be included in our final Re-Construction reporting.

Tornado Damage Completely Separated Roof From House

Tornado Damage

The roof of the garage was almost completely removed during a close encounter with a tornado. Although the garage required complete replacement, Brown & Beattie was able to provide recommendations to repair and save the main house.

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