Performance Audits are required by the Condominium Act to be carried out for the common elements of new condominiums. These Audits are intended to identify warrantable claims against the Builder before the expiry of the one-year general warranty.

Brown & Beattie Ltd. have conducted over 100 of these audits for residential condominiums resulting in the successful completion of thousands of construction deficiencies.

Our Performance Audits conform to the requirements of the Condominium Act and include a review of the drawings and specifications and other construction documentation. Questionnaires are prepared and sent to all of the unit owners. The questionnaire results are reviewed and summarized while looking for trends and common construction issues being reported by the owners.

Performance Audit for Condominium in Popular Toronto Neighbourhood

A comprehensive inspection of the buildings and property is carried out to identify deficiencies in the common element components. Destructive or intrusive investigation is included where requested to address specific problem areas. This type of work may include an elevator audit, materials testing, test cuts through wall or roof assemblies and thermographic scans.

We forward the Performance Audit Study to the Tarion Warranty Corporation to ensure they receive it prior to expiry of the first year warranty. Two-year and 7-year Performance Audits can also be carried out as requested to ensure additional construction deficiencies that are not initially apparent are covered under the respective extended warranties.

After the Audit has been issued Brown & Beattie is available to provide additional services such as review of builder repairs, attendance at common element and conciliation meetings and expert testimony at appeal hearings.