Brown & Beattie Ltd. specializes in numerous areas of building assessment, restoration and construction.  Our expertise guarantees your project is done correctly and beyond Industry Standards.

Expertise Image Balcony Before Restoration

Brown & Beattie Ltd. offers industry leading expertise for any new build, reconstruction or restoration.  Our services  can be tailored to your projects so you can be sure that your property, structures and facilities will be in a workmanlike manner, to Code, meet your goals and be designed to last.

 We have expertise in all aspects of structural and building envelope engineering, from the ground up.  Whether foundations or roofs, garages or balconies, windows or cladding, and pavements or retaining walls, our staff of professional engineers and building envelope technologists have combined decades of experience.

 We work regularly on buildings of all shapes and sizes, and different types of construction from reinforced concrete to steel to timber.  We are also experienced with modern construction methods such as precast and prefabrication, while still practiced with construction of the past such as stonework and solid masonry. 

 We further have a developed network of consultants in areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, elevators, and environmental to lend their expertise as projects require.  Long-standing working relationships with qualified contractors further ensures a skilled and capable workforce on any project.

 Whatever your building type and need, we can help!