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Green Roofs- An Opportunity for Condominiums

Green Roofs- An Opportunity for Condominiums Written By Tim Beattie, P.Eng. Condominiums built in a conventional manner are becoming less attractive in this era of increasing green technology. Modern cities are heating up, effectively stewing in their own haze, with smog associated comfort and health problems. Research has shown that traditional, stagnant building rooftops are seriously contributing to this “urban heat island” effect, which can effectively be countered by increasing green roof areas within cities. Rooftops are, at present, tremendously underutilized components of our buildings and urban landscape. Green rooftop gardens provide condominium with many benefits by [...]

Roofing Inspection & Maintenance

Roofing Inspection & Maintenance Planning Written by Tim Beattie, P.Eng. The replacement of a buildings roofing can be one of the condominiums more costly expenditures and often causes a considerable Reserve Funding hurdle. The common "out of sight, out of mind attitude" towards many condominium roofs is a blueprint for Planning adversity. However timely roofing inspection and maintenance can ease maintenance fee burdens by prolonging useful lives and extending reserve savings periods. Roof problems frequently show up as "sudden" or unexpected. Roofs are often only attended to on a reactive basis such as when leaks or ice-damming occurs. [...]

“Green Roofs”-What are they and why should we be interested

"Green Roofs"- What Are They & Why Should We Be Interested? Written by Tim Beattie, P.Eng. Rooftops are tremendously underutilized components of our buildings and the urban "landscape". Sustainable or "green" thinking is changing attitudes towards these neglected, barren areas. In Europe for some time there has been a quiet but steady revolution in the application of green roof and roof garden technologies that reflects these changing times. Trends are following suit more recently in Canada and the United States. Cities stewing in their own heat... Cities become less desirable to live and work [...]

Flat Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Flat Roof Inspection & Maintenance Written by Stephen Brown, P.Eng. The replacement of your building's roofing can be one of your condominium's most costly expenditures. However with timely inspection and maintenance roofing can last 25 to 30 years before this is necessary. Roofs are often only attended to on a reactive basis such as when leaks occur. But proactive maintenance can save thousands of dollars and minimize the costs related to insurance claim deductibles together with the inconvenience related to water damage repairs. Condominium roofs generally consist of three types; flat, sloped and mansard. Each type has [...]