Brown & Beattie Ltd. can assemble a team of experts for the assessment of your building and property in connection with a potential property purchase. These assessments can be customized to satisfy your needs and fast-tracked to satisfy the time restrictions normally associated with property purchases.

Typical assessments would include structural, building envelope, site, mechanical and electrical components but can be expanded to include elevator inspections, environmental assessments and interior finish review. Where required, testing of materials and systems can also be included. Concise reporting will outline the major capital expenditures which can be anticipated over the next 5 or 10 years.

due diligence exercise for purchasing new property
due diligence thermal scan exercise for purchasing new property


Brown & Beattie Ltd. can provide due diligence exercises prior to investing in a property.

Due Diligence Pre Purchase Apartment Review

Apartment Assessment

Brown & Beattie Ltd. was called upon to complete an assessment prior to a potential investment into an apartment building. This 23 storey residential building included 339 unit and a 2 level underground parking garage. The exterior concrete facade at this residential building in Brampton was completely restored.  Work included repairs to concrete, new sealants, and recoating of the exterior concrete walls.  The finished product has revitalized the building.

Due Diligence Project Building Structure

Building Envelope Assessment

Brown & Beattie was called upon to asses the buildings envelope as well as it’s site surface components. We took a detailed report of the exterior building structure as well as it’s interior components, working with the owner to complete a service report that includes future investments into the property.